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Helping Children Cope with Deployment

Henry Hero Bear

Helping Children Cope with Deployment

Henry Hero Bear is a 11" cuddly teddy bear accompanied by a story book designed to help young children cope with the absence of a military parent or loved one during a long deployment. 

The Story

Henry Hero Bear's story describes how life for a child will remain as normal as possible even though a loved one is temporarily away from home.  The story helps children by offering a special pocket (3" x 2.5") on his camoflauge uniform to hold a picture of the loved one who is away.

Children will be comforted knowing they can look inside Book Sneak PeekHenry Bear's pocket and see a picture of the deployed loved one any time they want. The story also offers a loving way, using Henry Bear and the moon, for a child and the deployed parent to say good night to each other even though they are apart.

Ages 2 and Up

The story is appropriate for children 2 to 7 years old, however, older children will benefit from the comfort of Henry Bear offers during the stress of long deployments. Even though the story describes a father leaving for deployment, it is appropriate for a mother leaving as well.  


Donation for Project Henry

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Donate Henry Hero Bear To A Military Family

Support the Troops and Wounded Warrior Project. Purchase Henry Hero Bear to donate to a military family. Your order will be sent to the USO-Ft. Bragg, NC with your name attached. The USO will give Henry Hero Bear to children of deployed soldiers. Henry Hero Bear, LLC will donate $2.00 for each gifted bear to Wounded Warrior Project. My goal of 5000 donated bears would result in a $10,000 gift to Wounded Warrior Project. Information regarding Wounded Warrior Project can be found at www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

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